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We admit to being a bit partial to Gote Gear. After all, they're our neighbors here in the Northwest. But mostly, it's because of the special attention they place on materials and design. They have really taken nylon holster manufacturing to a new level. GOTE uses superior materials that result in superior holster performance. First, they use a "spacer mesh" form of nylon to make the holster more lightweight and breathable. The nylon has kind of a honeycomb or open cell surface. This allows the fabric to breath and wick moisture and that translates into comfort that will allow a user to comfortably wear the holster for extended periods. This is especially helpful with IWB holsters as the fabric stays cooler, resisting persperation, and therefore resists chafing. Gote has also added features such as a rigid design. An inner semi-rigid lining allows the holster to stay slightly open even when inside the belt which allows for easy and safe one-handed re-holstering. Expert gun wranglers will tell you to avoid an IWB holster, or for that matter belt holster, that collapses and requires two hands to reopen for holstering! You don't need to avoid a GOTE GEAR holster! Lastly, we love Gote Gear because they've created these great products for a truly affordable price.