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BuyHolsters.com (formerly Altogether Holsters) is an online retail store dedicated to providing a wide selection of quality gun holsters, gun cases and carry bags, ammo and magazine pouches, and associated gun carrying gear.  We also happen to be owned and operated by women.  We figured that women, including ourselves, are the fastest growing segment of the gun ownership community.  Women love to accessorize!  So what better need to address than that of women who need accessories for their firearms? 

Well, come to find out, needing holsters and cases and bags for guns, ammo, and gear is not a gender thing!  It's simply a gun ownership thing  And so we're proud to offer a vast array of quality products for both guys and gals -- but mostly, for GUNS!

Having firearms is a right in this great county.  But handling those firearms safely is a responsibility.  Whether you open carry or conceal carry small arms, or whether you hunt, or just sport shoot with rifles or pistols, handling your guns and ammunition requires care, diligence, and the right equipment!  And let's face it, firearms, besides being costly, are machined instruments that can be damaged or deteriorated if they aren't properly maintained and cared for.

We believe our line of products offers gun owners a significant choice of well made, high quality holsters, cases, and handling bags for pistols, rifles, ammo, and gear.  And that helps gun owners take better care of their firearms, use them more safely and securely, and ultimately, exercise the essential responsibility associated with the possession and use of firearms.

We originally opened our store under the name of "AltogetherHolsters.com" and greatly enjoyed meeting new customers and finding exciting new products.  In November of 2010, we decided to rename our store to "BuyHolsters.com" and embark on a national marketing campaign.  But we're still the same company, still dedicated to the same great customer service and still working hard to find and deliver the best gun gear for the best prices around!  We hope you enjoy browsing our product line and that you return often to fulfill all your gun gear interests.  Thank you for your patronage and God Bless the United States of America!

Jody and Patricia

p.s. -- To our friends in Canada -- you have a great country too and we know you love your shooting sports about as much as we Yanks.  We're working hard on making it easier to sell and ship to Canada, but for now, we can and do sell our products to Canada by hand processing each Canadian transaction.  If you see something you like, just give us a call (1-855-Buy-Holsters) or send an e-mail to Sales@BuyHolsters.com and we'll take care of you!