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Python Packing Heat Gun Concealment Belt Pack Holster

Python Packing Heat Gun Concealment Belt Pack Holster
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New from Python Holsters, introducing the Packing Heat Pouch. Designed to carry compact .380 automatics and an extra magazine all in one inconspicuous pack. Measuring just 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.12" using heavy duty ballistic nylon padded construction, you'll actually forget you're carrying after a short time. And the casual observer won't have a clue! I like this model because it is a slimmer profile than standard fanny pack holsters. It looks more like a day timer than a holster. Used off the belt, it makes a nice pistol rug type of case as well. Small enough to easily fit in a briefcase or ladies' purse.

Fits small autos only. (Note the measurements above. 6.25" x 4.25" and only 1.12" thick is really exactly what it says! SMALL! This is truly for small auto pistols only and there is very little wiggle room to squeeze something bigger into it...)

Features: Smooth double zipper pulls with extended leather like thongs enable user to quickly and easily gain access to the gun. Two belt loops keep the pouch in place preventing undue movement, even when jogging or participating in moderate exercise. May be worn sitting or standing as a hip or cross draw holster

Gun and magazine are held in place with wide heavy duty elastic. Extra magazine is conveniently located beneath the weapon. Padding and stiff insert prevent imprinting of the gun to the casual observer. Innovation of design, limited life time warranty, and affordable price make this a BEST BUY in concealed holsters. Available in right hand only.

Shipping Note: Allow 10-12 days from date of order for delivery.

See links below for Python's Packing Heat models in Medium and Large sizes.

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