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Well, those of you who are following the exploits of Grandma, the Grandma in our TV commercial...her home was burglarized this weekend!  Grandma was housesitting for daughter (me) and was fortunately not at home at the time.  There is a chance it would have gone from burglary to home invasion robbery were that the case.  The burglar(s) broke a bedroom window with a rock to get in and entered about 6 feet away from Grandma's bed, in the middle of the night, where Grandma would have been sleeping!

Grandma is taking her Basic Practical gun safety training class next weekend because she decided a couple of months ago that she really would get a gun.  Prior to this, she was just another pretty face actor who portrayed a gun toter in our commercial!  She did have a loaded .38 in a storage case in a drawer under her bed, in preparation for taking her class.  Fortunately, the burglar was too stupid or too hurried to even realize there were drawers under her bed or he/she would have found the gun and there would be one more out there in the hands of a criminal. And frankly, if Grandma had been in her bed, she would likely not have had time to retrieve the gun from its locked (but not bolted to the floor) mini-vault and use it in any good way.

So, true confession time here folks.  I sell gun safes and vaults and I have guns in my home and, until today, I did not own or use a gun safe.  And yes, shame on me! When I leave the house, I usually carry my gun with me but not always.  Case in point, when I visit family in the hospital or nursing home or when I'm going to doctor's or even when I go to get a haircut.  So sometimes my gun is at home and could be stolen by an intruder with only a very yappy little 14 pound dog to stop them.  This is really irresponsible of me and while I'm not exactly ashamed...I am contrite and committed to practicing what I preach, exercising responsible gun ownership, and doing my part of be worthy of my second amendment rights!

So I have today ordered a DAC TV2003 electronic locking gun safe.  We have lots of great small safes from which to choose here at www.buyholsters.com but I selected the DAC because it is designed with a separate mounting plate rather than mounting the safe iteself to a floor or wall.  This means you can get more than one plate and therefore have more than one secure mounting location throughout your house, or even grandma's house!  Detach the safe from the plate and use the carry handle to transport the safe and its contents whereever you want.  But again, I could have selected any number of great safes by Bulldog, Stack-On or Gun Vault, including biometric models.  

I am going to get Grandma a safe too.  Right now, I have her gun and there isn't a single item of jewelry left at her house so she has nothing to put in a safe.  Most of the stolen jewelry was of modest monetary value but tremendous sentimental value.  Most of it was jewelry she didn't wear and had no reason to have out in the open.  In other words, if she had it tucked in a safe and that safe had been bolted to the floor, she'd still have it.  She'd still have the little Christmas locket her brother gave her in 1944 right before he went off to war.  She'd still have the cameo from her grandmother...the ONLY thing she had of her grandmother.  She'd still have my late father's wedding ring and his University of Wyoming class ring for which he worked so hard and was so proud.

Learn from our lesson folks.  Get a safe and use it.  For your firearms and for those other valuables that cannot be replaced.  I wish I could say "it is never too late" -- but for my mom, it may be.

By the way, thanks to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department for their thorough and careful response to this burglary.  They're the best.
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