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Rendering good people defenseless is not going to end violence perpetrated by those with malice in their hearts. All it will do is take away the only chance for survival good people have and force them to live in legitimate fear of being harmed by evil people.

As a woman, I have just known, deeply known for as long as I can remember that just about any man (and a few women too) who want to hurt me probably could. I'm not especially big. I'm not especially fierce. Not trained in martial arts. Not bulletproof. I can't leap tall buildings. I've just known that all somebody would really need to hurt me is the malice in their hearts to do so. Every day I have been alive, I have chosen whether to accept victimization or whether to resist.

Why? Because all by myself I really am fairly defenseless. Especially against someone who is mentally ill, deranged, tweaked out on meth, sociopathic, or even just drunk behind the wheel of a car.  That doesn't mean I've walked around quivering in fear. I don't blanch every time I'm around a man, someone stronger than I am capable of physically subduing me. But in the background of my awareness, I am...well, aware. Without a weapon, I'm virtually defenseless. It is the context within which I exist. 

I've been lucky and maybe prudent. I've never been violently attacked nor have I known anyone well who has. I have avoided high risk behaviors that might expose me to violence. I live in a relatively safe place, a sleepy suburban community sandwiched between two large urban centers. Sure, a few blocks away a deranged man broke into a house screaming that he was going to kill the man and his son inside...at least until the homeowner was forced to shoot the violent intruder. All sounds recorded on the 911 tape until the Sheriff finally arrived minutes too late. But I myself have not been tramatized directly. I don't need to have been to see the world around me and recognize that being defenseless is not a reasonable option.

I wasn't always a big proponent of firearms ownership. But something slowly morphed in my thinking. Five or so years ago, I just realized that good people, sane people, rational responsible people, people like me are exactly the people who should have guns. We are the only ones who can defend ourselves and our families against those who would hurt us. For it isn't the firearms in the hands of the bad guys that cause the problem. It is the malice in the hearts of so many badly broken people. It is the willingness of evil to act. It is a so-called human being who is actually willing to take the life of another. It is a so-called human being who would rape a woman, or murder a child, or blow up an office building with a bomb made, not of gunpowder, but of common fertilizer. 

Almost any benign object in our world can become a deadly weapon if it is mixed with crazy. The all knowing ones in our government think that disarming me will solve the problem. They want me defenseless, dependent on them and only them for my security and protection. (The subject of another blog?) They think they can twitch their noses and sprinkle unicorn dung around and eliminate weapons and thereby eliminate violence. Aside from the obvious absurdity of that notion, until they can eliminate human beings who are bigger than I am, stronger than I am, meaner than I am, and human beings who are willing to harm another...rendering me defenseless is not an option. All the gun control in the world or even a fully staffed Sheriff's office isn't going to protect me from an unarmed 6'-2" rapist who has broken into my house at 2 am. He is an unarmed deadly weapon. But my home defense shotgun and loaded .38 give me a fighting chance.

Maybe making guns harder to legally obtain will keep people from being shot in a mass murder...maybe they'll just be blown up by a chemical bomb made out of fertilizer and hairspray instead. I don't know. But I do know that making guns harder for good law abiding citizens to have will result in death by a thousand cuts...one lonely defenseless victim at a time murdered or raped one after another all across this country. Maybe the real problem is that people occasionally get broken. They always have and probably always will. Until we can identify and prevent mental illness and sociopathic behavior, until we stop breaking our children and raising sick deranged adults, until we can eliminate the darkness that infects too many hearts, we are at risk. Not at risk from guns. At risk from the inhumanity that possesses those broken souls.

We have a God given right, an unalienable right, it seems to me, to defend ourselves. I own firearms for that purpose and that purpose only. I reject the notion that I should have to be rendered defenseless so the foolish can pretend that defenselessness protects me and the rest of society. It does not. It cannot. No amount of weakening me makes the insane more sane. No amount of weakening me makes the malicious less so.

Who are these who advocate victimhood, who insist that we accept powerlessness, who stand ready to oppress us the moment we can no longer resist? Who are these who are so threatened by our personal power of self-defense? Who are those who willingly confuse victims with the deranged aggressors? To you I say, if we act like we are fighting for our lives, maybe it is because we are.
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