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We ran across this thoughtful article and offer it to our female customers who might spend a little time dealing with PCCW (Pregnant Concealed Carry Weapon) issues! Thank you to our friends as the US Concealed Carry Association.


In general, all of us should consider our physical condition when determining the proper way to carry a concealed firearm. We've had a number of customers who have been properly aware of limitations that affect their decision about a holster. This has included individuals who have partial paralysis due to stroke and so carry on the side they are strongest on, individuals with back or neck problems who choose body bands or particular purse designs to ensure greater comfort over longer periods of time, and people who, shall we say, can't quite find a fannypack strap that is long enough to fit.

In short, it isn't just a matter of finding a holster that fits your gun. You also need to find a holster that fits your body!

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