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I thought the following was an interesting article about open carry.


We have open carry here in the state of Washington. I personally am so new to concealed carrying that I am still a little self-conscious about that! I don't think I would feel comfortable at all openly carrying. I just don't want the hassle and the attention. (Even though I have an unlimited supply of beautiful holsters too!) And in Western Washington, we're surrounded by...well people who meant to live in San Francisco but took an unfortunate right turn. 

On the other hand, I can see the value of normalizing or desensitizing society to the fact that, whether you see it or not, many people among us are carrying firearms. And lo and behold, you can still go out every day for pretty much your entire long life and never ever see a shooting, be the shooter, or be shot. Imagine that... And if you are shot while out in society, odds are it will be in a "Gun Free Zone". 

I do often wonder, when I'm out shopping or dining or something, how many people around me are carrying? Wouldn't it be interesting to have x-ray holster vision and see the IWBs under those loose fitting shirts, inside those fannypacks to reveal a holster, under the jackets at those shoulder holsters? I wonder if there are more of us out there than we even know.

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