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Bulldog Deluxe Leather Belt Holster with Thumb Break

Bulldog Deluxe Leather Belt Holster with Thumb Break
Body Side
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I've seen a lot of holsters. Heck. I sell a lot of holsters. I was truly excited to see these simple leather belt holsters by Bulldog.

These molded leather holsters feature a pancake style two slot belt loop mount. That's what I like about them, among other things. This type of belt mounting is much more secure than a belt clip and is more comfortable too. And because the holster has a large flat footprint pressed tightly against the body, there is no sloshing around, and the holster and the gun have minimal protrusion and maximum concealment. These molded leather holsters are made from quality leather that has been hand tooled and tanned to provide a durable, attractive product. Pressed and molded for specific gun profiles and featuring a snap thumb break, your gun will be as safe and secure as you will be carrying it.  And now there are REVOLVER models too!

These models are available in black and in right hand carry only. Select size when ordering.

Extra Small Auto
Extra Small Auto w/ laser
Small Auto
Small Auto w/ laser
Medium Auto
Large Auto

Small Revolver
Medium Revolver

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