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Claymore Land Mine Novelty Desk Accessory

Claymore Land Mine Novelty Desk Accessory
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Well, I suppose the picture says it all. This is a little stand up desk doo-dad made to look like a Claymore Mine. It says "Front Toward Enemy". So, I suppose when that pesky employee is sitting there in your office, you can strategically place this little desk accessory where they can see it!

8-1/4" wide and 5-1/4" high and made of solid polypropylene, it has a little leg that props it up. Don't worry, there is nothing at all "real" about this thing. It's just for fun from the folks at GG&G.

Shipping Note: Special shipping restrictions and conditions apply to GG&G novelty items that resemble weapons or ordnances. Accordingly, a $10 shipping surcharge applies on this item and delivery generally requires between 10-14 business days.