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Expanded Holster Fit Charts

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Results may be limited. Does not include generic sizes (ex. "large auto"). e-mail sales@buyholsters.com and we'll help you find a holster to fit your gun!

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Buy Holsters wants you to carry with comfort and confidence.  Having a holster that fits your firearm and your use is critical to the safe and effective carrying and use of your gun.  We endeavor to provide as thorough a product description as possible and detailed photos to help customers evaluate and select the optimal holster for their use.  A part of that process is fitting the holster to your gun.  Fit information is incorporated into product detail pages.  However, to enhance your selection accuracy, the following links provide expanded holster fit information for major holster manufacturers cross referenced to common firearms manufacturers and models.  Please review your selections carefully before ordering to assure the holster you purchase will meet your needs and be satisfactory.  When in doubt, please feel free to contact our customer support or double check with manufacturer's websites directly.

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