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Results may be limited. Does not include generic sizes (ex. "large auto"). e-mail sales@buyholsters.com and we'll help you find a holster to fit your gun!

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American Made and Built to Last a Lifetime!

Buy Holsters is very pleased to offer a complete line of Bagmaster Manufacturing leather and nylon range bags, pistol cases, and shooting accessory bags for the professional, casual, or competition shooter.    These very high quality bags are made in America using only the finest materials.  They're so good and so reliable, Bagmaster guarantees them for life.  If anything fails on your Bagmaster, the stitching, the fabric dye, the zippers, whatever, they will replace your bag.   The quality isn't the only thing American about these bags.  The styling is classic and attractive and unlike many other manufacturers who offer only one color and material, Bagmaster offers a nice mix of high quality durable nylon in multiple color options and equally stylish options in leather.

We are so impressed with the quality and selection offered by Bagmaster that we've given them their own special showroom.  Don't forget to check out the Bagmaster rifle cases and Bagmaster line of nylon concealment holsters!  

SHIPPING NOTE:  Some Bagmaster Mfg. items take just a little extra time for delivery.  Please allow up to 14 days from ordering for receipt.  Many models with DISCOUNTED SHIPPING!


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