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Galco Concealed Carry Handbags

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Results may be limited. Does not include generic sizes (ex. "large auto"). e-mail sales@buyholsters.com and we'll help you find a holster to fit your gun!

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Galco Gunleather - A Leader in Women's Leather Gun Gear

Buy Holsters is pleased to offer ladies the complete line of Galco Gunleather concealed carry handbags, gun purses and bags! These finely crafted and uniquely design leather handbags, shoulder bags, and even backpack style bags are great stand-alone handbags, never mind that they also conceal a gun holster compartment!

So here is the deal with these handbags.  Most models are available in a choice of colors, typically black, tan, or brown.  We carry some colors of some models in stock for immediate shipment.  For those in stock items, you should receive them about 7-10 business days after ordering.  

However, to be totally honest, most models and most colors require "special ordering".   What this means to you is that you have to allow an extra 2 weeks or more to the total order interval.  Special orders are subject to Galco having the items in stock.   A special order would normally take between 21-24 business days from when you order to when you receive your handbag.   In some cases it could be somewhat sooner or in other cases, a week or so longer. 

We monitor Galco's stock availability.  It varies considerably but at certain times of the year they can be backordered on many items.  If you special order an item we will immediately investigate and verify availability from both Galco and our suppliers and we will notify you of the estimated delivery interval.  If you decide to cancel the order, we'll immediately fully refund your purchase.  If you decide to wait, we will update you with any new information about your order as soon as it is available.  There is no added cost for special ordering a Galco handbag.  And frankly, these beauties are worth the wait!