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Results may be limited. Does not include generic sizes (ex. "large auto"). e-mail sales@buyholsters.com and we'll help you find a holster to fit your gun!

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For the BEST in Gun Gear !

Welcome to the Buy Holsters Special Showroom.  Here, we've assembled exclusive showrooms for some of our favorite product lines.  What makes them our favorites?  Well, these are some of the highest quality and most unique options for gun cases, rifle cases, range bags, and gun holsters we've found.  So we've given them a "room of their own" in our store.  Browse through the entire product line of each showroom knowing that you are seeing some of the best hunting gear, gun holsters, and rifle cases on the market today and products you are not likely to find at the corner sporting goods store or even at your favorite brick and mortar gun shop.  In some cases, you may have to wait a little longer for delivery but we've kept the prices competetive for these desirable product lines.

So, once again.  Welcome to the Buy Holsters Special Showroom.

Bagmaster Manufacturing - Browse this expansive selection of high quality, American made, leather and nylon rifle cases, shooter's range bags, pistol cases, magazine pouches, tactical weapons cases and of course, gun holsters, including ankle holsters, fanny pack holsters, shoulder holsters, and belt holsters.  Every Bagmaster product is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.  Need a special size or special color?  Customization is proudly offered for most Bagmaster products.

Vega Holsters (Showroom opening in March 2011) - Buy Holsters is proud to be one of the only -- ok, possibly THE only holsters store in the United States to offer a nearly full line of Vega Holsters.  The extremely high quality leather, polymer, and cordura gun holsters are as unique in design and function as they are innovative and high quality.  You simply have to see them to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality.  Many of the models are available nowhere else in the U.S.  There is a long order processing time for many items to accommodate special ordering and a lengthy import process.   In some cases that same process adds a little to the cost as well.  But for a genuine Italian holster of the highest quality, Vega Holsters are unsurpassed.

Aker International (Showroom opening in March 2011) -- We're not entirely sure why something this good is so hard to find, but we found Aker holsters and duty gear and we can't wait to introduce the complete line to our customers!  Whether you are a private citizen who carries a firearm, or a professional who carries on the job and off, you'll appreciate the amazing functionality, durability, craftsmanship, and plain old-fashioned style of Aker.  Best of all, Aker products are made in the U.S., are reasonably priced, and you don't have to wait too long to get them!