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Results may be limited. Does not include generic sizes (ex. "large auto"). e-mail sales@buyholsters.com and we'll help you find a holster to fit your gun!

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Vega Holsters

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Clearance - Vega 2U80 Single Shoulder Holster Ruck Sack
Clearance - Vega Holster Boxer Shorts
Clearance - Vega Holster FA110 Full Barrel Uncovered Leather Slide Holster
Clearance - Vega Holster Undershirt Size IV
Vega 2ETO Elastic Belly Band Cordura Duty Holster & Belt
Vega AA1 Vertical Leather Shoulder Holster
Vega C1 Leather Ankle Concealment Holster for Medium Autos & Small Revolvers
Vega CB1 Leather Calf Holster
Vega DA1 Upside Down Leather Shoulder Holster
Vega FB1 Leather Uncovered Full Barrel Slotted Belt Holster
Vega H1 3-Slot Leather Pancake Belt Holster, Thumb Break
Vega Holsters Shockloop Rotating Polymer for Shockwave Holster
Vega IA3 Inside the Waistband IWB Holster w/ Thumbreak
Vega IB2 Cordura Nylon Belt Loop Inside the Pants IWB Concealment Holster
Vega IB3 Ambidextrous Casino Royale IWB Inside the Pants Concealment Holster
Vega IU2 Cordura Nylon IWB J-Hook Belt Clip Concealment
Vega IU3 Suede Leather IWB Concealment Holster w/ J-Hook
Vega Kydex Thigh Platform for Shockwave Holsters
Vega N1 Triple Wear Leather Concealment Holster
Vega NS1 Uncovered Full Barrel Leather Belt Holster
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