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Sticky Holsters Standard IWB Self Securing Holster

Sticky Holsters Standard IWB Self Securing Holster
SM-2 Size ExampleMD-5 ExampleLG-6Long Example
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Redefining Concealment!

Sticky Holsters are self-securing, modular, state of the art in-the-waistband (IWB) and pocket holsters that use the compression of your waistband against your body to secure both holster and weapon.  But guess what?  The sticky and moldable material of this holster makes it ideal to tuck into a briefcase pocket, purse, or bag.  Heck, it makes it ideal to set on the nightstand or that shelf under the counter of your store.  It will even stick between your belt and pants OUTSIDE the waistband.  In short, it's one of the most versatile holsters around.  And besides that...it's one of the most affordable too.  Want to use your sticky holster as an ankle rig?  Check out the link below for the Sticky Holsers AnkleBiter leg strap sold separately.

  • Ambidextrous (left or right)
  • Deploy and adjust in seconds
  • No bulky clips or straps to get in the way
  • Lightweight (less than 3 oz.)
  • 17 Sizes to choose from
  • Closed-end design keeps lint and dust out
  • Keeps gun oil off of you
  • Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun 

Available in 17 sizes to fit virtually any gun made!  We've listed some of the more common gun models for each size.  Select the size you think is closest to your gun, or double check against the Sticky Holsters Fit Chart linked here -- PLUS, tell us the gun for which you're buying the holster and we'll double check the size against an expanded fit chart before sending your order!

Made in the USA and featuring a "Lifetime No Questions Warranty"!  BuyHolsters.com tries to keep all the sizes available but sometimes we have to order your size in especially for you!  Allow up to 10 business days for delivery (but we'll try and beat that most of the time!)

Check out Sticky Holsters on YouTube!

Abbreviated size chart.

SM-1 - Micro Handguns - automatics/derringers up to 2.5" barrel
SM-2 - Pocket .380’s - Small Handguns - automatics up to 2.75" barrel
SM-3 - Pocket .380’s with laser - Wider framed autos - barrels up to 3"
MD-1 - Small 9MM’s - Medium/Small framed automatics. up to 3.5" barrel
MD-2 - Small 9MM’s - Medium/Small framed automatics with laser - wider guns up to 3.5" barrel 
MD-3 - Small 9MM’s - Medium/Small framed automatics from 3.6" to 4” barrel
MD-4 - Baby Glocks - Medium Autos up to 3.6” barrel
MD-5 - Snubby Revolvers - J-frame revolvers to 2.125” barrel
LG-1 - 1911 and clones from 3” to 5” barrel
LG-2 - Medium Glocks - Large autos to 4.1” barrel
LG-3 - Full Size Autos - Large autos to 4.75” barrel
LG-4 - Large Revolvers - Up to 4” barrel
LG-5 - Large/Long Revolvers - Up to 5” barrel
LG-6 - Larger Framed Automatics