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Versacarry Concealed Carry IWB Zero-Bulk Holster System

Versacarry Concealed Carry IWB Zero-Bulk Holster System
Color coding on the retention rod indicates size
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VersaCarry Zero Bulk IWB Concealment Holster System -- so simple, you'll wonder why nobody thought of it sooner!

Now available for revolvers!

For the ultimate in concealment carry, many choose an inside the waistband (IWB) or inside the pants holster.  But traditionally, that has meant adding the bulk and bulge of both the gun and the holster material. Whether leather or kydex or nylon, the wearer had a bunch of something stuffed inside the waistband.  And drawing a gun from a holster pouch compressed against the body can be challenging, and well, dangerous!

The VersaCarry IWB Concealment Holster System eliminates the bulk of standard IWB holsters adding only about 1/8" of material yet providing a stable, secure, comfortable way to conceal, carry, and draw your automatic pistol or now 5-shot .38/.357 revolver.  How do they do that?

The ambidextrous VersaCarry Holster System clips securely to your belt and hooks over the waistband.  Holster your gun by sliding the barrel of the weapon over a retention rod mounted on a slim, low profile, sturdy platform.  A slim trigger guard assembly protects the trigger from snagging on clothing or accidental firearm discharge.  It's that simple.

How to use a Versacarry

Step 1: Insert the Versacarry barrel retention rod into the firearm at a 45 degree angle.
Step 2: Fully seat the firearm on the Versacarry.
Step 3: Insert Versacarry and firearm as one unit into user’s waistline.

Once the firearm is drawn, remove the Versacarry from waistline and repeat steps 1-3.

The Versacarry System is made of three components:

The Clip: The clip portion is made of a custom plastic resin designed for durability and strength. An angled bottom flange is molded into the clip to create a clamping action when the barrel retention rod is inserted into a gun barrel.

The Barrel Retention Rod: The barrel retention rod is made of Delrin, a very strong plastic that has a natural lubrication property. The barrel retention rod also has a metal threaded core. The barrel retention rod is cut to exactly fifteen thousands of an inch below the barrel’s diameter. Due to the exacting tolerances the barrel retention rods are fabricated, they will never harm a gun’s barrel in any way.

In the event a firearm is discharge with a Versacarry inserted into it, the undersized barrel retention rod will be safely expelled from the barrel. The rod is just less than one and a half inches in length. The barrel retention rod is the same length on all models, but the outside diameter changes to accommodate the model’s caliber.

The Stainless Steel Fastener: The final component is a stainless steel fastener that securely connects the clip to the barrel retention rod.

  • Versatile Amibidextrous Design
  • Sizing based on barrel dimensions allows use with multiple weapon models and with weapon accessories
  • Low bulk for maximum concealment
  • Clip length determines depth of ride
  • Light Weight

Sizing Considerations:

A single VersaCarry will fit multiple guns but there are size variations based largely on gun caliber and barrel length.  You should also consider the depth of carry.  VersaCarry holsters have different clip lengths for the same diameter or caliber size allowing you to choose whether to have the weapon ride lower or higher relative to the waistband.  The length of the clip determines how low/high your gun will sit in your belt. The left gun shows how much grip will be exposed above the user's waistline with a normal recommendation. The right gun shows how much grip will be exposed above the user's waistline with a deep recommendation.

Selecting a Size: VersaCarry holsters are available for automatic pistols and 5-shot .38 special or .357 revolvers. There are 5 basic VersaCarry Size Groupings.

  • .38 special or .357 5-shot revolvers
  • 380 ACP (includes 32 ACP)
  • 9 mm (includes .357)
  • 40 cal (includes 10mm)
  • 45 cal
Reference the linked VersaCarry Size Chart here and identify your gun model(s) within the appropriate size category.  Decide whether you want normal or high ride placement.  The chart will indicate the appropriate holster size fit for your gun.  When ordering, select the Size Category and size listed for your gun.  You can also tell us what kind of gun you have and we'll confirm the fit before filling the order.

Want more information?  See the FAQ sheet here. Or check out the video.


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