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Elite Survival Assault Systems Rifle Case

Elite Survival Assault Systems Rifle Case
ACU Camo available in Size 2/5/6 onlyAlternative model shown for color only - Tan Nylon
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Special Weapons Cases for special weapons!  These are the most carefully sized cases we've seen.

The original Assault Systems(TM) rifle cases are built to last a lifetime in the USA. They are constructed of padded 1000 denier nylon with full-length heavy-duty zippers and hardware. They have welded steel D rings and come with a 2" shoulder strap. They have up to six external magazine pouches, plus an accessory pocket. They are available in nine sizes to fit guns with overall lengths of 28" to 48". Available in black, tan and olive drab (color options vary by size). Now available in digital ACU (size 2, 5, and 6 only)

  • The original Assault Systems Cases
  • 1000 denier nylon construction
  • Heavy, 1" foam padding protects weapon
  • Up to six magazine pouches with velcro closures
  • Large accessory pocket with velcro closure
  • Inside flap protects zipper
  • Includes 2" padded shoulder strap
  • Size 4 measures 8.5" in height; all others of this item are 10.5" in height

Made in the USA

Carefully select from the following sizes.  Price varies by size.  Sizes 1-4 @ $87.00.  Sizes 5-10 @ $96.00

Size 1 $87.00
28" L x 10.5" H
Black or Olive
H&K 94A3 9mm w/ collapsible stock
Sterling Mk V1 9mm Carbine
Thompson w/ detachable buttstock
MP5 w/ fixed stock
Size 2 $87.00
33" L x 10.5" H
Black, Olive, Tan
or ACU Camo
Colt AR15/M16 w/collapsible stock
AR180 w/folded stock
H&K 91A3/93A3/G3A333A3
Steyr AUG w/20" barrel
FN FS2000
Size 3 $87.00
28" L x 10.5" H
Black or Olive
Steyr AUG w/16: barrel
Ruger Mini 14 w/fold stock
AK47 w/fold stock
Galil w/fold stock
AKMS w/fold stock
Colt XM177E2
Size 4 $87.00 37" L x 8.5" H
Black or Olive
M-1 Carbine
Ruger Carbine
Size 5 $96.00 36" L x 10.5" H
Black, Olive, Tan
or ACU Camo
Colt AR15 Lightweight
Size 6 $96.00 41" L x 10.5" H
Black, Olive, Tan
or ACU Camo
Colt AR15 Sporter
Beretta BM62
H&K 91A2/93A2/33A2/G5/G3A3
Ruger Mini 14
Armalite AR180/AR10
Valmet M60/M62
FN FAL Paratrooper
Galil w/extended stock
Size 7 $96.00 48' L x 10.5" H
Black or Olive
M14; M1 Garand
Sig PE 7.5 x 55
Valmet M78
Size 9 $96.00 45" L x 10.5" H
Black or Olive
AR15 style rifles with 24" barrels
Size 10 $96.00 36" L x 10.5" H
Black or Olive
H&K USC .45 Carbine

Oversized shipping Notice:  Due to the length and package size of this item, an oversized shipping surcharge of $5.00 will be added to the weight  based shipping calculation at checkout.  However, this item is still covered by the BuyHolsters.com Fair Shipping Promise.  If actual shipping ends up being significantly less than you were charged, we will issue you a refund for the overcharge!