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Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Leather Yaqui Slide Holster Brown Leather

Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Leather Yaqui Slide Holster Brown Leather
Gould & Goodrich Yaqui Slide Holster
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Gould and Goodrich Gold Line leather holster products are top of the line. Top quality leather. Top quality workmanship. Top quality...well, quality! But be careful what you wish for in this Yaqui Slide Holster. If you wish for a leather slide holster with minimal bulk and maximum concealment, you just might get it! And it's a downright shame because with the Gould and Goodrich Gold Line, you can't help but want more of that beautiful leather! Still, this basic and even elegant holster is plenty rugged and plenty beefy to hold your gun safely and securely with the least amount of visible profile.

This holster has a belt loop cutout so you can straddle a pants belt loop when wearing.

This model is in chestnut brown leather RIGHT hand carry. Choose appropriate size when ordering.

Size 92F: BERETTA Cougar (all), 92 (all), 96 (all), Centurion, Brigadier-EXCEPT Vertec; COLT Double Eagle Commander, Double Eagle; GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36; RUGER KP93D, P93D, KP93DAO, KP95D, P95D, KP95DAO, P95DAO; SIG 220, P225

Size 195: Fits most 1911-type pistols with 3" to 5" bbl incl. COLT Defender, Officer's, Commander, Gold Cup, Gov't; KIMBER Compact, Custom, Pro, Ultra, Polymer .45; PARA-ORDNANCE (all); SPRINGFIELD 1911 (all); WILSON CQB 1911 (all); BROWNING HP; KAHR K9, P9, K40

Size G20: GLOCK 20, 21, 29, 30, 37, 39; HK USP & USP Compact (all); RUGER KP94, P94, KP94D, KP944, KP944D, KP94DAO, KP944DAO, KP97D, KP97DAO, KP89, KP89D, P85, P89, P89D, KP89DAO, KP90, KP90D, P90, P90D, KP91D, P91D, KP91DAO, P91DAO; SIG 220 w/rail, 226, 226 w/rail, 226 w/rail DAK, 228, 229, 229 w/rail 229 w/rail DAK, 245, SW M&P 9MM, .40, .357, .45

Size XD3: SPRINGFIELD XD3 3"; XD4 9mm 4"
Size 42: Colt Revolvers: Agent, Cobra, Detective Special 2" barrels and similar. S&W Revolvers 31/34/36/37/60/38/49/ 638/649/640/642/940 1.88" barrels and similar. Taurus Model 85 2" and similar. Taurus 605/606 2.25" barrels and similar. Taurus 605 3" and similar.

See the link below for this model in Black leather.  (Contact sales@buyholsters.com for potential availability of left hand models.)

Availability Note: Are we out of the size you want? Contact sales@buyholsters.com for estimated availability. We can order in most out of stock items and ship within about 3 weeks.

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