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Quick Draw Magnetic Gun Holster - PS Products

Quick Draw Magnetic Gun Holster - PS Products
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OK. Say you're behind the counter of a store, or maybe at a desk, or maybe in the shop and you want your handgun nearby and handy, just in case. But you don't want to openly carry, you don't want a gun out in the shop where it can get dirty or worse yet, accidentally discharge, and you definitely don't want your customers to see it. The Quick Draw Magnetic Gun Holster is just for you. Simply mount this very strong magnet to the underside of a cabinet, counter, workbench, desk, or vertically on a wall or door or other solid surface. Your pistol or revolver will stick securely to the magnet yet you can remove it for use easily and quickly. Perfect protection for you and your firearm.

The magnet mounts with 2 screws and will hold up to 10 lbs worth of gun. Now, if you carry a gun weighing more than 10 pounds, well, you're scary and probably really really strong. You might need to order 2 of these babies and mount them side by side!

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