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Rifle Ammo Case - Plano Gun Guard Hard 20 Round 6 Pack

Rifle Ammo Case - Plano Gun Guard Hard 20 Round 6 Pack
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Plano 20 Round Ammo Case Rifle Ammo Case Charcoal/Green Hard .220/.243/.257/.270/.300/.308/.444 6Pk 1229-20

Get a six pack of these Plano tough rifle ammunition cases holding 20 rounds each. Do the math and that's 120 rounds of convenient and safe storage. And what self-respecting hunter would carry less than that! If you want a handy way to store or carry rifle cartridges, a way to keep them dry and protected, in a case you can see through, stack, and store easily...need I go on! These are great options for stowing in a rifle case or field bag. Great for those empty cartridge casings too.

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