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Vega CB1 Leather Calf Holster

Vega CB1 Leather Calf Holster
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OK. Here's the deal. Vega Holsters are as good as it gets. They're Italian and Italians know leather. They know quality. They know fit and function. And they know what looks good! Vega Holsters are a little hard to find here in the U.S. But we have a connection with the only American distributor and are really pleased to share that with you!

The Vega CB1 Calf holster features great Vega quality and is heavy on the black Italian leather. The holster itself is a top quality leather with a velcro strap to keep the gun securely in place, even if you're engaged in physical activity. The holster is held in place under the knee with a comfortable velcro adjustable leather strap support, and on the lower calf padded velcro leather strap. Let's just say, if you like basic black leather, you'll like this holster!

Each holster is hand thermo molded in full grain leather. The face of the holster features "control joints", or pleats with elastic to allow the pouch portion to expand to fit a variety of guns. The thumb strap is mounted to the rear panel of the holster with a single grommet so it rotates and you can adjust the angle to fit your gun. It attached to the holster frame with velcro to give additional adjustability in length. This holster has some of the nicest hook and loop material I've seen. Very soft and subtle so there isn't all that scratchy stuff but it still holds firmly. The backing and leg straps are a sort of faux suede or microfiber type material that is soft and smooth and thin but very durable.  There are three sizes as follows, all situated for right hand draw (left inner calf placement).

Size Note: We've had several customers return these because the calf straps won't fit their legs. We're able to fit them around out calves and many other customers have found them to fit. But, if you have larger sized calves, you might want to give us a call first and verify fit.

120: Medium Auto
121: Small Revolvers with 2" - 2-1/2" barrel
122: Beretta TomCat/20/21/950  
(available by special order only - allow up to 8 weeks to import from Italy)
123: Glock 26 or equivalent; Walther PPS
124: Walther PPK or PP (available by special order only - allow up to 8 weeks to import from Italy)

Available in Black. Also available in tan by special order only. Allow up to 8 weeks to import special orders from Italy.  (Sorry, photo of black only)

Vega Availability Note: Vega holsters are imported from Italy by one U.S. distributor and we are pleased to be an authorized retailer. Supplies of certain models and sizes are limited and may require special order. If the item you order is available from the distributor, allow 10-14 days for delivery. If it is not, we will notify you to determine if you'd like to special order the item on the next import cycle. There is no additional cost but there can be a several month wait, depending on the ordering cycle.

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery of most Vega items. (See the availability note above.)

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Contact us if you'd like to special order a left hand model.