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Vega IU2 Cordura Nylon IWB J-Hook Belt Clip Concealment

Vega IU2 Cordura Nylon IWB J-Hook Belt Clip Concealment
Vega IWB IU2 Holster
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OK. Here's the deal. It doesn't get much better than Vega! These genuine Vega Holsters are made in Italy and pretty hard to come by here in the States. If you want a really great holster, look no further than Vega.

What do you get when you cross a Vega I2 Cordura Inside the Waistband holster with a new fangled "J-hook" clip?  Well, you get the IU2.  The tough but attractive cordura holster pouch is flexible but sturdy, but low bulk and low profile, just what you want when you wear a gun inside your pants.  The heavy duty cordura is just the right thickness -- enough to secure and protect your firearm and prevent imprint, but thin enough to minimize bulk.  The high quality clip is a molded polymer.

Now, more about the clip.  The solid injection molded polymer "J-hook" style clip is made to hook over the waistband and clip on to a belt.  The two little flanges are much less visible and obvious than a traditional clip.  PLUS, the design is offset from the holster body allowing you to tuck in a shirt!  This clip also features two adjustment screws allowing you to give your clip a jaunty angle for subtle variations in carry cant.

Available in a wide range of sizes for auto pistols and revolvers, right hand carry only.  (Left hand models may be available via special order.  Contact sales@buyholsters.com to inquire.)

Size 241  Sig 2022, H&K USP Com

Size 251  Medium Auto

Size 250  Large Auto

Size 252  2-1/2" Revolver

Size 253  Large Auto Compact

Size 255  H&K USP or Walther P99 or equivalent

Size 258  Ber. 9000,  Glock 26/27, Walther PPS or equivalent

Shipping Note: Allow 12-14 days from date of order for delivery--but for a Vega, it's worth the wait.