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Vega NS1 Uncovered Full Barrel Leather Belt Holster

Vega NS1 Uncovered Full Barrel Leather Belt Holster
Vega NS1 Techno Hole Belt Loop System
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OK. Here is the deal. Vega Holsters are as good as it gets. They're Italian and Italians know leather. They know quality. They know fit and function. And they know what looks good! Vega Holsters are a little hard to find here in the U.S. But we have a connection with the exclusive American distributor and are pleased to share that with you!

The Vega NS1 is a finely made uncovered full barrel belt holster featuring all the old world leather craftsmanship for which Vega is known. But to that classic look and feel, Vega has added an automatic dual retention safety system. This pull side system was developed to replace the standard security lace found on other Vega models (ex. N1). When reinserting the firearm into the holster, a safety catch automatically engages on the trigger guard; to draw your gun, simply push the inside lever aside. If desired, add an optional level of safety with a movable catch that blocks the safety lever. To remove the redundant safety catch simply unscrew the first screw and remove the block cylinder. This safety system is very useful if you carry while engaged in physical activity and for times when you are handling the holstered firearm. This type of safety system is also rather unusual for a LEATHER holster!

The NS1 features what Vega calls the "techno holes belt loop system". That's Italian speak meaning a polymer clip with three belt slots angled to provide right side or cross draw carry styles. The right hand carry model is available in stock. (Left hand carry models are special orders. Contact us for details.) The holster leather is available in either tan/brown as shown in the photo or black and is thermo molded to fit specific gun models. The uncovered style means a little less bulk and maybe a little less leather against the hip. The end of the gun barrel is exposed meaning less tendency for little pieces of "stuff" to get down into the holster. And because it's a Vega, you get top quality Italian leather, tanned with vegetable extracts, and did I mention, it's Italian leather!

Finally, let's talk quality. You won't be wearing this holster out...well, you will because it looks so good. But let's just say it will last as long as you do! We carry quite a few sizes to fit many popular automatic pistols. Reference the detailed Vega NS1 Holster Fit Chart to find the model# for your gun and then select it when you add it to your cart below: Vega NS1 Fit Chart

Vega Availability Note: Vega holsters are imported from Italy by one U.S. distributor and we are pleased to be an authorized retailer. Supplies of certain models and sizes are limited and may require special order. If the item you order is available from the distributor, allow 10-14 days for delivery. If it is not, we will notify you to determine if you'd like to special order the item on the next import cycle. There is no additional cost but there can be a several month wait, depending on the ordering cycle.

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery of most Vega items. (See the availability note above.)

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